The error function writes the value of the expressions {exp} to the Analytic Information Server Console Window, and returns to the top level Analytic Information Server event loop with the specified error string {errorStr}. If no Console Window is open, Lisp will open a Console Window. In Lisp, the error function always terminates the current process, unless enclosed inside an errorTrap function call (see errorTrap). Furthermore, the error string {errorStr} argument will always be truncated to 12 characters and will be displayed as an error constant which is the error text preceded by an exclamation (!) and terminating with an exclamation (!).

When to use

The error function is used to exit out of a function to the top level (usually to the console) and display an error message.



(error errorStr exp ...)

Name Description AIS Types
errorStr The Error value !errorStr!String
exp An expression, which will be evaluated, and the result displayed on the console.---


Return value is the !errorStr! constructed as an Analytic Information Server Error value. The error function also evaluates exp and displays the result on the console.



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The error function assigns an error string to the error type.


Argument Types

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