Example Structure defineStructure 002




This example defines a new type object type name using the defineStrucutre function. This new object type inherits the the previously define employee object type.



The Structure name "employee" is defined.

(defineStructure employee: name: job: salary:) Returns: employee

Create an instance of the employee object using a constructor function and initializers

(define Z (new employee: name: "John Doe" job: "CEO" salary: 100000 ) ) Returns: employee

The object type "manager" inherits all the field names from the "employee" object and adds a new field named perks:

(defineStructure manager: include: employee: perks:) Returns: manager

Create an instance of the employee object using a constructor function and initializers.

(define W (new manager: perks: "parking")) Returns: manager

The properties of Structure W of the "manager" object type are displayed.

(display W.name) Returns: #void true
(display W.job) Returns: #void true
(display W.salary) Returns: #void true
(display W.perks) Returns: parking

The child type inherits the type from the parent object.

(isType manager: W ) Returns: true
(isType employee: W ) Returns: true

Z, an object of "employee" type is not of type "manager" since a parent object does not inherit the type from the child type.

(isType manager: Z ) Returns: false


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