Example ObjectRepository attachLibrarian 001




Once the librarian Lambda is attached to the ObjectRepository, all new function calls originally meant to open the ObjectRepository will return the librarian Lambda, not the ObjectRepository. When the new function creates the ObjectRepository, the ObjectRepository itself will be stored in the Lambda's persistent variable named: myOR. Whenever the ObjectRepository is open, the ObjectRepository index (always a Directory object) will be stored in the Lambda's persistent variable named: myIndex. The librarian Lambda may change the number and/or meaning of all remaining arguments. Each librarian Lambda must have the following form:



The new function will call this entry point.

(defun aLibrarian(aGor)
Pvars: (myIndex myOR myResident myParent)
Returns: ---
... Returns: ---
... Returns: ---

Receive abortTransaction function calls here.

(defun abortTrans() ...) Returns: ---

Receive beginTransaction function calls here.

(defun beginTrans()...) Returns: ---

Receive commitTransaction function calls here.

(defun commitTrans()...) Returns: ---

Manage clear function calls here.

(defun doClear() ...) Returns: ---

Receive length function calls here.

(defun len() ...) Returns: ---
... Returns: ---
... Returns: ---

Receive ref one index function calls here.

(defun ref1(ix1) ...) Returns: ---

Receive ref two index function calls here.

(defun ref2(ix1) ...) Returns: ---

Receive ref three index function calls here.

(defun ref3(ix1) ...) Returns: ---

Receive set one index function calls here.

(defun set1(ix1) ...) Returns: ---

Receive set two index function calls here.

(defun set2(ix1) ...) Returns: ---

Receive set three index function calls here.

(defun set3(ix1) ...) Returns: ---
... Returns: ---
... Returns: ---

Save the Parent Lambda at new or attach time.

(setq myParent (myself)) Returns: ---

Set false if the Lambda is NOT to reside on disk.

(setq myResident false) Returns: ---

end aLibrarian

) Returns: ---

Notes and Hints

A librarian Lambda completely controls how an ObjectRepository is viewed by the other intelligent Lambdas, end users, and by Analytic Information Server. Normally an ObjectRepository has a simple associative memory database schema, but attaching a librarian Lambda can give the ObjectRepository an entirely different database schema (see the detachLibrarian function for removal of a librarian Lambda).

Hint: The ObjectRepository will place its Repository Index (always a Directory object) in the Lambda's persistent variable myIndex. If the ObjectRepository is not open, the Lambda's myIndex variable will be set to #void; otherwise myIndex will point to the ObjectRepository Repository Index


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You can always talk with the AIS at aiserver.sourceforge.net.