Example Context inspect 001




This example returns the statistical and sytem inofrmation as specified by the arguments to the inspect function.



The object to be inspected.

(setq s (new String: "Hello there you all")) Returns: Hello there you all

The index for the specified object is returned.

(inspect s) Returns: 163051

An Lambda is defined.

(defun foo(n) (++ n)) Returns: #<Lambda 123456>

The index for the specified object is returned.

(inspect foo) Returns: 123456

The statistical information of the object is returned in the form of the Vector.

(inspect true) Returns: #<Vector 123456>

The contents of the Vector:

(display #<Vector 123456>) Returns: #("Memory Block Count = 51584" "Used Memory Bytes = 19613512" "Blocked Block Count = 0" "Blocked Memory Bytes = 0" "Free Block Count = 1055" "Free Block Bytes = 80208664" "Free User Bytes = 80183112" "System Check Count = 1" "Block Join Count = 185837" "Block Split Count = 238484" "Memory Copy Count = 0" "Block Count = 185550" "Free List Hit Count = 14597" "Larger Frame Free List Hit Count = 232765" "Used Object Count = 47593" "Free Object Index = 162956" "New Block Function Time = 0" "Free Block Function Time = 0" "Resize Block Function Time = 0" "Garbage Switch = true" )


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