Analytic Information Server (AIS)

Welcome to the AIS project, open sourced by Investment Science Corporation in 2009.

AIS is an Development Platform providing a high-speed JIT compiler for LISP and JavaScript, web server, object repositories, MySQL integration and libraries supporting a wide variety of advanced genetic programming and symbolic regression techniques.

On this site you will find on-line documentation, download links, a wiki, a bugtracker and subversion projects for the AIS codebase. AIS is a new opensource effort but it is a mature software application offering a broad spectrum of capabilities.

Analytic Information Serverô(AIS) is an analytic database designed to store massive amounts of heterogeneous data, upon which complex computer science algorithms are to be employed. The goal is to convert data, whose information content is a mystery, into data whose information content is understood.

AIS is a tool for advanced software engineers and computer scientists doing high-volume analytics using state-of-the-art techniques like Genetic Programming, Genetic Algorithms, Support Vector Machines. It is also a very effective platform for the development of knowledge based systems and Artificial Intellegence research.

Getting Started -- GSM Demo and Excel Client

AIS is a robust platform that can take some time to understand and master. To make it easier for new users to get a feel for what the platform can do, we have created a sample analytic application that uses our (General Symbolic Regression Machine) GSM library. This demo application does non-linear regression on a training dataset and then tests the generated regression agent against a testing dataset. The application can be run against user supplied data or it can generate training and testing data for a few difficult problem domains. We would encourage users to attempt regressions on these generated dataset in other tools to explore the efficacy of the GSM library. The GSM demo application is included in each of the AIS download sets.

AIS is a server supporting a variety of tcp/ip protocols. As a separate download, we have provided a Excel plugin that knows how to connect to the AIServer and run the GSM demo server application from a client application. The plug in makes working with the regression datasets easy and demonstrates the ease with which the AIServer can be used by .NET applications and any other TCP/IP client. The C# Excel plug in code is open source (LGPL) and a great place to start if you want to build your own C# AIS client application. The Main AIS project also has Qt based classes for C++ client application support.